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Private Dog Boarding

"The ULTIMATE get-a-way...In one of our Sitter's Homes"

Sitting Comfortably's Private Dog Boarding Service provides 24 hour care for your pets in the loving home of one of our Wonderful Pet Sitters! Your Furry Loved Ones will become part of our family and will receive around the clock TLC!! We will undertake assignments that run over short and long term periods. Whether you are away on business or vacation, you can be away knowing your pets are secure and well taken care of in your absence. Clients can expect EXCLUSIVE accomadations for their pets at the Sitter's Home and all pet instructions to be followed while their pets are Privately Boarded.

The following services are included as part of
the Private Dog Boarding at No Extra Cost

* EXCLUSIVITY, where only your family of furry loved ones will be Privately Boarded

Taking all responsible steps to ensure the safety and security of your pets

* AM, Afternoon, and PM Routines followed without hesitation

* Provision of Fresh water and food...and we wouldn't dare forget the TREATS!

* Administering of medications (if applicable)

* Cuddles and lots of TLC 24 hours a day during entire service period

* Daily walks

* Pick-up and Drop-off of your pet (one less thing to worry about) 

While your Dog(s) are being cared for in the Sitter’s home,  will your Cats be home alone? Will your mail and news papers need to be brought in?  Light Plant Watering?  Or what about a basic security check to give you peace of mind knowing YOUR home is safe and secure too?  

We have the PERFECT solution to ensure your cats receive TLC in your absence, your trash day isn't missed and/or mail doesn't accumulate!  Pair your Private Dog Boarding with our Standard Visits / Dog Walks, All Inclusive Pet Visits and/or Security Checks

"Security Checks" can be a good deterrent
for potential burglars.

We provide Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Overnight Pet Sitting, Private Dog Boarding, No Time Limit Pet Visits and MUCH more to the following cities!!
Kansas Missouri
Overland Park
Prairie Village
Roeland Park
Kansas City
Call if your area is not listed!


Clients wishing to take advantage of our Private Dog Boarding Visits can reside in areas outside the locations listed above. Please call or email for further information.  

Please note, our company chooses to stay in compliance with the City Laws regarding the number of pets any team member can legally board / care for in their personal residence.  As such, no team member is allow to board or care for more than 4 pets at any given time.  This include pets owned by the team member and pets welcomed in their home as a fur guest.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our Management Team.