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Pet Sitter Oppurrrrr-tunities

Sitting Comfortably Pet Care is currently contracting to fill the following Independent Pet Sitter (IPS) positions: Private Boarders, Dog Walkers, Vacation Pet Sitters, and Overnight Pet Sitters. This is meant for part-time work to supplement your existing income. As such, please DO NOT apply if you are looking for this as a full-time wage; it can be a great supplemental income for the right person (e.g. stay at home mom, retiree, student, musician, pet lover, etc.).

We contract with Independent Pet Sitters who ultimately become a part of our referral network to clients.

Animal lovers are a MUST and pet care experience, such as owning your own pet, current / prior pet sitting experience (for dogs, cats, and other animals), volunteering in a shelter, working in a doggy daycare/kennel or vet, etc.) is preferred.

IMPORTANT - Our volume of emails has significantly increased in the last several months!!  If you submit an application, please ALSO send a text message to 816-739-8511 (Business telephone #).  This will alert the management team and also ensure your application isn't inadvertently overlooked.

To Potential Independent Pet Sitters and Pet Parents (because we know you are wondering as well...)

All Pet Sitters with our company are UNIQUELY and STRATEGICALLY contracted as Independent Contractors.

The typical contracting process for MOST pet care companies and pet sitting crowd-sourced review websites is often too simple and not thorough.  They usually require a basic profile to be set up by the pet sitter prior to connecting them and countless other sitters to the pet parent.  Finding the RIGHT sitter can be stressful for the Client and nail-biting for the sitter.  

Sitting Comfortably's Contractor Evaluation is a VERY intense comprehensive 6 Step Process. that includes:

  1. Completion of extensive online profile
  2. A thorough review of Online Profile by all levels of Management
  3. Phone screening evaluation(s)
  4. Formal In-Person Panel Evaluation with a Sequential Approach - The Panel includes Management from all levels. Questions are asked to AVOID "yes" and "no" responses but instead are asked to evaluate background, experience, hypothetical scenario decision making, ethical and integral mindset, etc.  
  5. Certified local and national background checks
  6. Required New Contractor Meeting to introduce them to Sitting Comfortably Pet Care and our referral process

It's important to note, Sitting Comfortably's stance on contracting Pet Sitters does not mean multiple Sitters will be caring for your pets or be allowed in and out of your home.  We carefully match up each Pet Parent with the Sitter we feel will best meet you and your pet's needs.  Our Meet & Greet process is in place for you to meet the IPS and go over expectations.  Thereafter, anytime you schedule pet care, only that Sitter will be contacted.  Cross Trained Sitters can also be assigned in the event your Primary IPS is not available, has an emergency, etc., but the Match and Meet and Greet process will be completed prior to them servicing your home.


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