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    "Thank you so much for taking care of everyone. They were so happy and relaxed when I got home. I am recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again! P.S. The "kids" are looking forward to your visit on June."

    Mission, KS

    "My husband and I travel for business and personal reasons quite a bit, but we always leave with the comforting knowledge that the great team at Summor's House & Pet Sitting takes care of our cats, including scratching behind their ears."

    Lori and Mark
    Shawnee, KS

    "It s difficult to express how truly grateful I am for Summor's Service. In a world full of selfish people, I was so happy to find two (a random couple and Summor, my Pet Sitter) who were willing to reach out and help...especially at a time when I felt very helpless. My dog, Zeta, escaped from my back yard. I was an hour away from home, and my neighbor, who has a key to my house, was also out of town. The first couple who found Zeta were not very willing to help...they grudgingly drove Zeta to a house and put her in the back yard. But, it was the wrong house, and she climbed the fence and was back on the run. The second couple who found her called me and were willing to wait at my home until I was able to get in touch with my Pet Sitter at Summor's House & Pet Sitting Service. I called Summor's Service, and I was fortunate that SHE (Summor) happened to be home and awake at 1am...AND willing to do an emergency visit!!! She drove 20 minutes to my house, let Zeta back in (since my key was on file), and secured my home so Zeta wouldn't be able to leave anymore. If you or your friends have pets, I hope you’ll recommend her services...she is the best!!

    Kansas City, MO

    "We've made it back. Thank you for taking such good care of Balthasar and Zeus! They both were happy and very well when we arrived. The List: Calls to be made for Heather and Kelly vacations: 1. Airline 2. Hotel 3. Summor's Pet Sitting Service Your Service has officially made the list...In the TOP 3; no less!!"

    Heather & Kelly
    Kansas City, MO

    "It is comforting to know that my kitties are so well taken care of when I'm traveling! Thanks again!!"

    Lee's Summit, MO

    Over the years, many of our clients have taken the time to send us a note or email expressing their gratitude and satisfaction with our services. Here are just a few examples of what they've had to say. "I am happy to say that my husband and I were Summor's very first clients many many years ago! I became acquainted with her when she was a college intern and was very impressed with this professional, mature young woman. She was definitely an overachiever--always winning awards for community service and scholastic achievement. So, when my husband and I were planning a trip to the Bahamas, I asked her to house/cat sit for us. The rest, as they say, is history. She has stayed at our house for every trip we've taken since then and I have referred her to many friends. We are taking a month long trip to Africa in a couple of weeks and we know that she will take very good care of our home and our two 'girls' (our beloved cats Nikki and Lucy)."

    Kansas City, MO

    "I was desperately seeking someone to look after my three dogs. I had left them in a kennel once before, but I really wasn't comfortable doing that again. I did some internet research and found Summor's House & Pet Sitting Service. I was very impressed with the services, especially with it being so affordable. I've been using this service for the last 2 years and I wouldn't trade it for a kennel in a million years!"

    Gladstone, MO

    "It means soooo much to me to know that the kids are in good hands. They are very much my children and it was becoming harder and harder to leave town with them being shuttled between friend's houses. With them being able to stay in the comfort of their own home means allot to me...allows us to take a vacation, worry free, which we are very excited about!"

    Mission, KS

    "Hi Summor! Just wanted to let you know I made it safely home. Zion was very happy to see me, but he said he had a GREAT time with you! Everything looks great and in order here. Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy my trip, knowing everything was being taken care of here. I will definitely be contacting you about some dates for this summer, and I will being recommending your service to all my friends!"

    Kansas City, MO