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Overnight Pet Sitting

After careful consideration, we have decided to END our Overnight Pet Care Service after 21 years!

Our company has always focused on assigning one sitter to each home to ensure the sitter/pet and sitter/client bond matures over time. This is very easy when it comes to our standard pet care services, but not the case for our Overnight Pet Care.

When I first started this company, I was a college student and my first pet assignment was Overnight care. As a student, it worked perfectly with my schedule! However, after starting my own family, spending the night in a client's home was difficult! We knew college students would have the best flexibility to spend the night in someone's home, BUT hiring a student came with concerns that were difficult to manage.

* The biggest concern was how often a student's schedule would change (usually the end of each semester), so there was no guarantee they could even work with our company within 3-4 months of hiring them.

* The second concern was availability.  A sitter can be assigned as the Primary Sitter for three homes and this works beautifully as long as all three homes do not request Overnight Pet Care for the same dates or overlapping dates!!

Clients will be able to book visits after 8 pm to accommodate late potty breaks for their dogs, but for now and until we can think of a better option, we will have to discontinue the Overnight Pet Visits.