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Policies and Other Important Information

The following is a condensed list of Sitting Comfortably's Policies and Other Important Information. They are published here to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises. We want our clients to be as fully informed as possible. It is fairly long, but extremely important. Accordingly, please read it carefully.

Please note, ALL Clients MUST have a signed Client Contract on file before any services are provided. This contract will permit Sitting Comfortably to accept current and all future telephone, online, mail or e-mail reservations and provide service without additional signed Client Contracts. Once you have electronically signed off on your Client Confirmation, you will receive the complete Client Contract for your review and sign off.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

  • Client Contract: All Clients MUST have a signed Client Contract on file prior to any service visit.
  • Approved Quote: All Service Quotes must obtain a written or an electronic signature (E-signature) to officially confirm any visit.
  • Payment: Payment is due PRIOR to services being rendered for all vacation, business and specialty pet care services.  Check and cash payments can be mailed to our PO box, but cannot be left in the home.  Payments can be paid via PayPal directly through our web site by clicking on the "Pay Invoice" link.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  For your convenience, credit/debit card information can be kept on file with a signed authorization form. In the event you choose to keep this information on file, service fees will automatically be billed the Monday prior to your service period beginning.  Invoices not paid within the terms will be subject to service delays, service cancellations, and late fees.
  • Reservations: Please ALWAYS call, text, email or complete a Reservation online if you need to book a visit. Please note, Team Members/Pet Sitters cannot take reservations or accept changes to a pet sitting assignment. We strongly encourage you to funnel new reservations and/or cancellations/changes to an existing reservation through the main office FIRST to avoid any of the following: 1) Services not beginning on time because the Team Member "forgot" the client reached out to schedule/cancel/make changes 2) Services not being executed at all because the Team Member "forgot" 3) Service Period not being covered by our Insurance and Bonding 4) Additional Administrative fee assessed
  • Emergency Visit, Cancellation, Service Change: We kindly ask that you provide, at least, 24 hours notice (1 day) for any house/pet sitting appointment and/or Service Change. Cancellations require, at least, 24 hours notice. Notices not received within the allotted time will be subject to a service fee that will be applied to your current or next scheduled visit. 
  • Early Return Home: Unfortunately, if you return home early from your trip, we will not be able to refund you for any visits you will not need. These time slots were reserved for you; therefore, other assignments could not be taken.  Clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time/visits scheduled.
  • Travel Delays: It is rarely a problem to continue pet sitting, should you be delayed on your trip and not be able to return home as expected. We ask that you please call, text or email immediately when you are aware of your travel delays to ensure we will be able to accommodate your schedule. Standard rates for the extra visits will apply.
  • Contacting your Pet Sitter: For liability purposes, we do not distribute our pet sitter's personal contact information. If you have any last minute questions, comments, concerns, or changes regarding your visit, please feel free to text, call or email our mobile office at 816-739-8511. We will gladly assist you and forward along any messages to your sitter.  We also ask that you please not ask any Sitter for their personal information as well. 
  • Petty Cash Account: A petty cash account can be set up to handle any expenses or services that require additional payment. Receipts will be provided. 
  • Emergency Contact(s): Before you leave town, please make sure your emergency contact’s information is up to date. But, most importantly, on file with us and not solely kept in your home for the sitter to see upon their arrival. 
  • Aggressive Pets: If you are not completely sure your pet(s) will allow a pet sitter to enter your home while you are NOT there, we cannot accept the pet sitting assignment. 
  • Third Party Entering Your Home: A Third Party is classified as anyone other than the homeowner or a representative of our staff.  For liability purposes, the safety of our sitters, your home and your pets, we cannot allow a third party to enter you home while we are providing services.
  • Job Sharing with Friends and Family: For liability purposes, and for the safety of our sitters, your home and your pets, we cannot share home and/or pet care responsibilities with your friends and family. 
  • Leaving Non-Contracted/Visiting Pets or Grouping Visits: We, unfortunately, cannot undertake any pet sitting assignments if non-contracted or visiting pets (i.e. someone else's pets) are left in the home. Out of fairness to other clients, we ALSO cannot allow clients to do group visits. Each Pet Owner MUST BOOK A SEPARATE VISIT, even if pets will be placed in the same environment. If you intend to leave someone else's pets in your home or if you are intending to group a visit, please notify us prior to the start of the visit. We will draw up separate Confirmations to reflect the correct services and rates applicable to EACH Pet Owner.
  • Plant Care: Sitting Comfortably Pet Care specializes in pet care. Although we will gladly help you with light plant and lawn watering, we cannot guarantee their survival. If either requires a true "green thumb," we would suggest hiring a professional lawn and plant care service while you are away. Thank you~ 
  • House Key: For liability purposes, we cannot pick-up or leave keys "under the mat" or the like there of. For your convenience, you can take advantage of one of the key services we offer. 
  • WHEN YOU RETURN HOME: Sitting Comfortably takes great pride in caring for your pets and securing your home while you are away, and we do not want either to be left alone for an extended period of time. Accordingly, we ask that as soon as you return home from your trip to please email or call our office immediately (or within 24 hours) to let us know you made it in safely. Thank you, in advance, for your corporation and understanding. 
  • Alternate Pet Sitters: An alternate sitter will be sent to your home should your Sitter be ill, have an emergency, be on vacation, or have scheduling problems. The alternate Pet Sitter will be in touch, if possible, with your regular pet sitter and will have access to all of the client information in your file. You will be notified, should a back-up sitter be needed. 
  • New Locks or Code: If your locks or codes have changed please email or call our mobile office at 816-739-8511 to update your information. 
  • Referral Credit: Our goal is to make a House & Pet Sitting Service that is both affordable and the best in quality. You deserve the best service and we will make that happen! Receive a $10 credit off your next visit for any referrals that accept and pay for services. 
  • Locations Outside Stated Service Area: Visits outside the Service Area are accepted at our discretion. An additional surcharge will be applied. Call or email office for questions, comments, or concerns. 
  • Pet Sitter Gratuities are always appreciated. Please put your generous gift in a sealed envelope addressed with your sitter's name on it.

Sitting Comfortably Pet Care agrees to provide agreed upon services in a manner that is trustworthy, caring and dependable.  In consideration of the services as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly relinquishes any and all claims against the company and its employees/contractors, except those arising from negligence.

Client agrees to discuss any concerns with Sitting Comfortably within 48 hours of their return after service.