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The Sitting Comfortably network of Independent Pet Sitters (IPS) are the most professional, thorough, and polite in the industry, and our Clients are always impressed by our Standards of Excellence. We are extremely selective about each IPS who joins our network but feel it is one of the most important efforts in how we deliver excellent service to our clients.  All Independent Pet Sitters undergo a rigorous pre-screening process, which includes a local and national background check.  We guarantee you will be provided with friendly, responsible and professional pet lovers!

Once we know the type of pet care you are interested in, we will refer you to an IPS we feel would be the best fit for your home!  The IPS will then contact you directly to schedule a FREE Meet & Greet.  During the Meet & Greet, you, your pet and the IPS will have the opportunity to become acquainted with each other and go over expectations. Once the IPS is assigned to your home, he or she will be the only IPS allowed in your home to ensure the bond developed between the Sitter, pets and the Pet Parent is not broken. Management will also refer a Cross Trained IPS.  This sitter will also meet you and your pets and will be assigned in the event your Primary IPS has an emergency or is unavailable for a future pet care request. 
During your service period, your IPS will make it their priority to execute services as outlined in the written instructions and demonstrated during the meet and greet.  He or She will also keep open communication with you by sending daily reports while via email.   
When you return home, our next concern is YOU!! To ensure we know your home and pets are not being neglected, we ask that you email, call or send a quick text message to let us know you have arrived home safely! This small gesture not only serves as a security measure but also as an 'aging deterrent' for Summor, Shaun and your Independent Pet Sitter!