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Pet Taxi

At your request, we will escort your pet(s) to and from the vet, grooming parlor, airport or anywhere they need to go! For vet visits, we will represent you and even provide you with a report of their instructions.

Our Pet Taxi provides full pickup and delivery service and we promise to work very hard to ensure your Furry Loved ones have a safe and comfortable ride.  

Pet Taxi Guidelines

  • Each Client taking advantage of the Pet Taxi service will be charged for either the Pet Taxi One Way fee or the Pet Taxi Round Trip fee.  Additional mileage fees may apply.  Please see below under "Calculating Mileage"
  • There is no additional charge for multiple pets, however, the number of pets transported together is limited based on their size and safe vehicle operations.  Multiple trips to transport large families will incur a new Base Rate and new Travel Surcharges.
  • Pet Taxi rates are inclusive for the pick-up and drop-off only. If “Wait Time” is required, the client will be billed at the Standard 30 Minute Visit Rate (i.e. $16 every 30 minutes)
  • Leaving and returning at a later time will incur a new Base Rate and Travel Surcharge.
  • is used to calculate all mileage driven.

Calculating Mileage

  • Mileage (No Charge) - If the initial Pick-up location is the Client’s home or the Sitter's home (if Privately Boarding), you will not be charged the Mileage Fee for this trip. If the Pick-up location is NOT one of the two locations noted above, please see below.
  • Mileage (Surcharge) – If the initial Pick-up location is NOT the Client or Sitter's home (if Privately Boarding), mileage will be calculated from the office or Sitter's home to the pick-up destination. The average Taxi Rate (for in the Kansas City Area is $2.10/mile or minute driven.  We only charge $1.50/mile.
  • Mileage (Surcharge) - After the initial pick-up, mileage will always be calculated when your sitter transports your pet to additional destinations.  This includes back to the Client's home or Sitter's home (if Privately Boarding).  Each mile will incur a $1.50/mile surcharge.